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What makes our natural latex mattress line different?

Environmentally Conscious

We use only natural, renewable and biodegradable ingredients: natural latex liquid, air, water. Our process does not include any chemical solvents or fillers, and does not contribute to ozone damage. This means the end product, your mattress, contains no toxic chemicals. Our innovative shipping method also helps reduce our carbon footprint, saving an average of 80% on fuel consumption compared to freight-shipped beds.

Environmentally Conscious Process

Sustainable Ingredients

Each Astrabed is made only with all-natural latex rubber, sourced from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree. These trees produce a milky latex liquid beneath their bark which can be harvested for about 25 years using sustainable methods. All the while, each tree filters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, making the air a little cleaner.

Astrabeds Sustainable Latex Ingredients

Responsible Manufacturing

Our highly controlled manufacturing facility emits no harmful elements into the air, thus we are not required to use any exhaust scrubbers or filtration. Our finished products don't emit harmful vapors either. Astrabeds Latex Mattresses, unlike memory foam, does not off-gas any harmful chemicals or VOC’s.


Oeko-Tex Certified

The leading global testing and certification process,
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ensures textile materials and home furnishing products do not contain harmful substances or pose a health risk to consumers. Very few latex or foam producers in the world meet the standards of this independent, third-party certification.

Click here to view our OEKO-TEX Standard Certification.

Oeko-Tex Certified

How Astrabeds Latex Mattresses Are Made

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Best Quality Natural Materials
Certified Natural Latex

Our latex is 100% natural, and certified non-toxic by Oeko Tex. This means our beds include NO carcinogens, pesticides, heavy metals or formaldehyde.

Certified Organic Cotton Covers

Each cover features breathable 100% organic, non-woven cotton, GOTS certified.

100% Natural New Zealand Wool

All natural wool wicks away moisture and regulates temperature, while providing a natural fire barrier.

Built Just for You
Hand Tailored

Each Astrabed is made to order and carefully crafted to ensure quality.

Custom Firmness Levels

Our beds offer different firmness levels to ensure the perfect fit.

Interchangeable Layers

Enjoy custom comfort and support with layers that can be adjusted or swapped to meet your needs.

Certified Made in USA

All of our mattresses are made in America from top to bottom.

Toxin Free
No Glue Between Layers

Our beds have no harmful adhesives and feature removable/ interchangeable layers.

No Chemical Retardants

Some manufacturers use harsh and potentially toxic chemicals to meet fire regulations, we use wool.

No Synthetics

Our latex is 100% natural, not synthetic or blended.

No Petroleum Fillers

We use only latex foam made from natural latex liquid, and no fillers or non-latex layers.

Quality and Safety
Pressure Mapping

Our mattresses provide 33% greater pressure relief than the leading memory foam, quantified by hi-tech pressure mapping.

ASTM Testing

In the industry’s most rigorous foam test, our latex proves 4x more durable than other latex and 20x more durable than other foams.

Consistency Testing

Robotically tested in 9 areas to assure a consistent feel from head to toe. Pillows are individually hand inspected and weighed.

Sleeping Temperature

Our aerated, large cell foam is 7x more breathable than others for cooler sleeping.

Bed Allergens

Independent testing shows our foam to be mold-, mildew-, and bacteria-proof, and dust mite resistant.

Latex Allergens

The FDA tracks allergic reactions to latex products in the USA. In our supplier’s 35 years, not once has there been a report of an allergic reaction attributed to any of our products.


Because no toxic chemicals or VOCs are used during or after manufacturing, our mattresses do not offgas.


Astrabeds Talalay Latex versus Dunlop Latex

Pressure Relief
Small, dense foam structure.
Poured process = less flexible, firmer foam.
One dimensional support.
Snowflake structure. Less resistant.
Poured process allows settling, creating firmer bottom.
Single rinse washing process.

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