Cuddle up with some healthy sleep accessories.

Astrabeds doesn’t just provide latex mattresses. We offer quality accessories that will heighten your sleep experience. From keeping cool to adding support, Astrabeds give you the opportunity to customize the way sleep.

Enhance your comfort by pairing our organic mattress collection with organic sheets and pillows. Astrabeds offers 100% organic latex pillows. They will help relieve neck and back pain and don’t have any harmful chemicals to irritate you while you’re sleeping. Our organic cotton sheets offer maximum airflow and comfort.

If you want complete control over the temperature of your bed, check out the ChilliPad. This premier product allows you to adjust the temperature by using a water system that is safe to sleep with. If you and your partner enjoy sleeping together but in different climates, the ChilliPad has an option to have separate controls for each side of the bed.