A Tale of Two Shoppers: Black Friday Online Versus In Stores

A Tale of Two Shoppers: Black Friday Online Versus In StoresBlack Friday is the busiest shopping holiday of the year, a time when we cram into malls and shopping centers at the crack of dawn and then fight to score the limited number of “doorbuster” deals offered by retailers, only to trudge home tired and grumpy. But might there be another way – one that allows you to enjoy the holiday weekend and avoid the crowds? This year, more retailers than ever are offering online deals and more shoppers than ever are planning to buy online. For products like mattresses, this approach just might make holiday shopping a little more cheery.

Shopping Black Friday Mattress Deals Online versus In-Stores

If you are the kind of person who absolutely dreads waiting in long lines and fighting through crowds, the day after Thanksgiving can see more like a nightmare than a holiday. Between pushy, grumpy shoppers and overworked salespeople, it may even seem worth skipping the savings! The good news is that if you shop online, you can avoid all of the hassles while still taking advantage of once-a-year sale prices.

Let’s walk through two possible scenarios: Mary who plans on shopping Black Friday mattress deals in the stores, and Bob who plans on shopping Black Friday mattress deals online.

Mary’s Black Friday Shopping Experience

Mary is a pro; she knows how to find good deals, and always checks the ads. She was sure she needed to try out a bed before buying, so she chose to go the traditional in-store route.

Before The Sales: Mary began scanning through ads online weeks ago. After hours of taking notes, she has narrowed it down to a few retailers. However, since the stores’ ads don’t really provide any details on the mattresses for sale, and since many are promotional items only being sold during the holiday, Mary finds it hard to research the beds and find reviews. She plans on comparing the mattresses in person and getting the details for salespeople.

On Friday: Mary has to interrupt Thanksgiving with her family to wait in line on Thursday for one retailer’s deal, which they end up running out of. On Friday, she rolls out of bed at 3 AM, rushes out the door, and grabs breakfast to go. It takes her a half hour to find a parking spot at the mall, and then she waits in line at the store for nearly two hours. She waits to test out the mattresses she is interested in, dealing with pushy and uninformed salesmen. She doesn’t like the warranty or quality of beds at the first store, so she then drives across town and repeats.

Over 12 hours later, Mary eventually settles on decent bed, and sets up delivery which will arrive a few days later. She then drives home, exhausted, with half the day gone, worrying about whether or not she will like the bed.

Bob’s Black Friday Shopping Experience

Bob likes getting good deals, but is not a fan of competing with throngs of shoppers or waking up bright and early on his days off work. He choose to shop online for a new bed this year.

Before The Sales: Bob also began researching deals a couple weeks before the holiday weekend, but when he narrowed his options down, he was able to check out the products online, compare specifications, and compare owner reviews. Bob already knows he wants an Astrabeds mattress, and exactly which model he wants to buy.

On Friday: Bob spent Thanksgiving with his family and had a late night. He wakes up around 10 AM and enjoys a nice leisurely breakfast. He grabs a spot on the couch in his favorite sweats, flips on a show, and opens his laptop. He reads a few reviews and compares beds a little more during commercial breaks, with no pressure from salespeople or doorbuster deadlines. Once he’s ready, he adds the mattress to his shopping cart and checks out online in less than 5 minutes, then enjoys the rest of his holiday weekend.

Bob will get try out the mattress in his home for 90 days, which allows him to really make sure it is comfortable with no risk. His new Astrabeds latex mattress will arrive in a few business days, and Bob is free to enjoy his holiday weekend.

Black Friday Mattress Shopping is Better Online

See, Bob gets it. He knows that Black Friday isn’t about lining up in malls and navigating buyer brawls, pepper spray-wielding mall cops, high-pressure sales people, and crazed crowds. It’s about saving big bucks on products you actually want, enjoying days off work, and getting ready for holidays. While Mary may waste two days running around town only to be disappointed, Bob gets his ideal mattress with a few clicks, from the comfort of his home.

As the Bobs of world discover, shopping Black Friday mattress deals online reduces stress, saves time, makes comparing easier, and nets a better value – three very good reasons to stay in bed and shop from home this year.

[VIDEO & INFOGRAPHIC] The Life of a Latex Mattress Explained

Astrabeds answers your question: “How are latex mattresses made?”

From trees, to factories, to your home, the life of a latex mattress proves as interesting as it is Eco-friendly. Our brand new illustrated video takes you through the entire process, from the rubber farms to the recycling plant. The video features easy-to-understand graphics and professional designs. By showing how our beds are manufactured, Astrabeds seeks to help shoppers become well-informed with a touch of whimsical entertainment.

In addition, Astrabeds also produced a complementary infographic titled “The Life of a Latex Mattress”. Like the video, our infographic showcases the steps involved in the creation of a natural latex mattress from beginning to end. We developed this awesome infographic as an additional form of education to reach a larger audience and provide a concise overview of the latex manufacturing process.

At Astrabeds, our latex mattresses feature all-natural Talalay latex, organic cotton covers, 20 year warranties, and free shipping. Plus, they are made in the USA! Learn more at http://www.astrabeds.com/latex-mattresses.html

The Life of Latex Mattress Infographic

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How the World Slept

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People have sought to explain sleep and improve comfort for millennia. To soften the ground, early humans slept on animal skins and plant materials. People eventually began to sleep on raised beds to ward off critters, and developed primitive mattresses using materials like wool, husks, straw, and feathers. Due to advancements in technology and manufacturing, new models like the innerspring mattress, waterbed, memory foam, and natural latex mattress began to replace stuffed mattresses. During this time, the study of sleep science continued in an effort to understand the why we sleep and improve sleep quality. When one considers the transition we’ve made from cave floors to the highly advanced latex mattresses of today, it’s clear that sleep sure has come a long way!

Throughout history, people sought to understand sleep and attain comfort. From caves to the ultra-comfortable mattresses of today, we sure have came a long way!

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