[INFOGRAPHIC] How the World Slept

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People have sought to explain sleep and improve comfort for millennia. To soften the ground, early humans slept on animal skins and plant materials. People eventually began to sleep on raised beds to ward off critters, and developed primitive mattresses using materials like wool, husks, straw, and feathers. Due to advancements in technology and manufacturing, new models like the innerspring mattress, waterbed, memory foam, and natural latex mattress began to replace stuffed mattresses. During this time, the study of sleep science continued in an effort to understand the why we sleep and improve sleep quality. When one considers the transition we’ve made from cave floors to the highly advanced latex mattresses of today, it’s clear that sleep sure has come a long way!

Throughout history, people sought to understand sleep and attain comfort. From caves to the ultra-comfortable mattresses of today, we sure have came a long way!

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