[VIDEO & INFOGRAPHIC] The Life of a Latex Mattress Explained

Astrabeds answers your question: “How are latex mattresses made?”

From trees, to factories, to your home, the life of a latex mattress proves as interesting as it is Eco-friendly. Our brand new illustrated video takes you through the entire process, from the rubber farms to the recycling plant. The video features easy-to-understand graphics and professional designs. By showing how our beds are manufactured, Astrabeds seeks to help shoppers become well-informed with a touch of whimsical entertainment.

In addition, Astrabeds also produced a complementary infographic titled “The Life of a Latex Mattress”. Like the video, our infographic showcases the steps involved in the creation of a natural latex mattress from beginning to end. We developed this awesome infographic as an additional form of education to reach a larger audience and provide a concise overview of the latex manufacturing process.

At Astrabeds, our latex mattresses feature all-natural Talalay latex, organic cotton covers, 20 year warranties, and free shipping. Plus, they are made in the USA! Learn more at http://www.astrabeds.com/latex-mattresses.html

The Life of Latex Mattress Infographic

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