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NASA Technology

Advanced technology, advanced comfort

In 1966, NASA's Ames Research Center awarded Stencel Aero Engineering Corporation a contract to develop a safer seating system for commercial aircraft. The result of this project yielded the development of a cushioning type of foam deemed "Temper" Foam; a revolutionary new foam technology that provided cushioning support in a "body holding and contouring way, while virtually eliminating reflective resiliency found in regular "spongy types of foam" during any spontaneous impact. This newly developed type of foam not only provided a much more comfortable and stable support platform, it greatly heightened impact protection as well.

Throughout the 1970's and 80's, airline application of this technology soon found its way as pressure relieving support for hospital beds, sports equipment, and other material benefitting from this contouring, supportive cushion type of foam. As manufacturing processes continued to evolve, customizable firmness and contouring comfort levels of Memory Foam technology continued to advance, finding its way into mattress production giving the consumer a revolutionary new pressure point relieving, deep restful sleep they had never experienced before!

Memory Foam being a pressure and temperature sensitive material has been perceived by some as being a very heat retaining mattress technology, and consequently sleeping "hot". We use a specialty designed Cool Air Flow layerwith a proprietary cellular make up of our Memory Foam that readily dissipates heat up to 8 times greater than other manufacturers resulting in a much cooler sleep experience! This is especially noticeable for those living in hotterhumid climates!

Keeping in line with ever increasing consumer concerns about chemicals, related odors, and in the realm of "renewable resources", we feature "Eco friendly" soy based high quality foam products to help maintain the integrity of the inner body as well as the outer body!

We at Astrabeds diligently strive to pursue and offer the latest technological advances in Memory Foam, and other sleep technology in pursuit of the "perfect nights sleep".