90-Night Sleep Trial

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Your personal showroom.

You’ve been here. Lying on your back fully clothed, staring up at harsh florescent bulbs. You’re trying to figure out if you’ll be comfortable for a third of your life. As you ponder, there is a salesperson impatiently waiting for your decision.

This is not the right way to buy a mattress. Instead, you should be at home, in your PJs, and able to drift off to sleep whenever you’d like. Astrabeds understands how important getting comfortable is, so we have a 90 night, in-home trial period. That way you can rest easy and feel why Astrabeds are a superior sleeping experience.

Here's how it works.

Once you’ve had 30 nights with your Astrabeds mattress, you’ll know how much you love it. However, if you’re not completely in love with how you’re sleeping, then you can return your mattress for a full refund within 90 days. You can also exchange your mattress for a different size or model.

Getting comfortable takes time.

We ask that you spend 30 days with your mattress to adjust to the comfort that Astrabeds provide. When you’re coming from years of sleepless nights due to tossing and turning, your body might need to adjust to what Astrabeds provides.

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Fine tuned comfort.

If you’re having issues with the exact comfort of your Astrabeds mattress after 30 days, don’t worry. Astrabeds mattresses have a unique design that uses separate layers of latex. They are easy to switch around or replace with different ones to dial in your exact comfort level. Call one of our sleep specialists so they can help configure your layers for exactly what you need. We provide this free of charge because we care about your sleep comfort. All we ask from you is to donate the current layer or layers that you will be exchanging.

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*All times are Arizona - MST

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Mattress returns made easy.

Contact us for an RMA number.

You can email us or call us at (888) 880-0202 to start the return process.. Make sure you have a copy of the number and shipping address provided to you because you’ll need it in a bit.

Pack up your mattress.

Check to make sure that your mattress is clean and stain free before starting the packing process. Carefully package your mattress in a heavy duty mattress bag and a heavy duty mattress box. Make sure that all the edges are sufficiently taped. A local moving company or moving supply store will be great place to find the materials necessary to ship your mattress. After everything is packed up, clearly mark your package with your name and RMA number and ship via your preferred shipping company.

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What can be returned?

Mattresses in like new condition that do not have stains or odors.

What happens if I ordered the wrong sized mattress?

We want you to have the best sleeping experience possible. That’s why we ask that you measure your mattress base and bed frame precisely so that you order the correct sized mattress. We do not accept returns for incorrectly sized orders. If you’re not sure about what size mattress you need, you can contact us at 1 (888) 880-0202. We also have a sizing reference chart so that you can make sure that you have the right measurements for your bed.

What can’t be returned?

Our trial period does not extend to adjustable beds, foundations, mattress toppers, sheets, pillows, mattress protectors, and other accessories since these items don’t impact the overall comfort of the mattress.

What happens after the 90 night sleep trial?

Other companies are snoozing when they are compared to our 25 year warranty. We maintain one of the longest warranties in the business because we care about the quality and integrity of our products.

For additional information, visit our page about Warranty Information or call our Customer Service Department at 1 (888) 880-0202.

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