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Astrabeds are made to make people happy. If we didn't start from the best of the best and only use the most advanced technologies, then Astrabeds would be just like every other mattress company. We pride ourselves on being different and crafted to a high standard unmatched in the industry. The main way we make ourselves different is our commitment to producing an organic mattress.

Materials that matter.

We only use materials in Astrabeds that will make our mattress the best. That means starting with latex sourced from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree. These trees can be harvested using sustainable methods for 25 years. For that entire 25 years, these trees are absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They are great for the environment. We make sure that the latex we source is 100% organically farmed.

Astrabeds latex layers in mattress
Organic wool in basket

Breaking down the barriers of comfort.

We create our fire barrier with organic wool. You'll sleep cooler because of the wool's natural property of regulating temperatures. The cotton cover that surrounds the mattress is 100% Global Organic Textile Standard certified. It will provide superior airflow and breathes better than a typical woven mattress cover because it of its knitted design. These materials are just the start of why Astrabeds are making people happier sleepers.

Created to play well with others.

Astrabeds are crafted by using the Dunlop latex pouring process. This involves using a centrifuge to whip the latex sap into a froth. Once that occurs, the latex is steam baked into the latex mattress. This process ensures maximum durability while still allowing for softness. We want to craft the purest mattress possible, so we make sure that this entire process is clean and doesn’t introduce any harmful chemicals that would make sleeping difficult.

Dunlop latex being poured into a mold
Harvested organic cotton

Huge impact on you. Tiny impact on Earth.

While creating our mattress, we want to make sure that we aren't impacting the world around us. That's why we have a zero emission factory. We don't need any harmful scrubbers or filters for exhaust. Our factories are as clean and pure as what we produce in them.

Feel good about where you're sleeping.

At Astrabeds, we pride ourselves on creating a product without harmful ingredients and in a way that benefits the earth. Surround yourself with healthy comfort and indulge in peace of mind knowing where your mattress comes from. Take a deep breath - that’s pure, clean air coming from your bed. With an organic mattress from Astrabeds, you can truly rest easy knowing every layer supporting you is grown organically with the utmost respect for our planet, and you, our valued customers.

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